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  • Complex of 16 unique woodcutters in beautiful countryside
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Sauna rules

We visit the sauna mainly because of its beneficial effects on the body and relaxation from daily hurt. However, sometimes, perhaps from ignorance, visitors are committing mistakes that harm others.

  1. Shower, soap, towel

Before going to the sauna, take a shower, wash with soap and wipe dry.

Why: You  wash off sweat, perfume, deodorant, and other substances that will release in the sauna and irritate you. Clean and dry skin gets better and faster.


  1. Are you swimming in your swimsuit? You are making a big mistake!

The sauna never goes in swimsuit! It basically enters tarpaulins, terry towels or pareas, or nails, but in that case it does not forget about a sail or a towel underneath.

Why:  Swimming in a swimsuit is very harmful to health, not just for you but for others. They are made of 100% synthetic synthetic materials and already at 50 ° C these substances are released, they are strongly cancerous and they get into the body through the respiratory tract or the skin, thus harming yourself and others.


  1. A canvas or a towel under the whole body

In the sauna, take a large enough sail or a towel for more so that you have the whole body, including the feet, pre-cut.

Why:  To maintain maximum hygiene. Not only do you have to sit down in front of you in a nice pool, but no one will have to sit in the pot for you. This also prevents the spread of various skin and other diseases.


  1. Sit down, lie down

The most suitable position for saunas is in the head with a lying head, or in a half-sitting where the buttocks and the feet are at the same level. To get out of the sauna, first sit down for a moment and then slowly rise.

Why:  When sitting on a chair, the head is overheated several degrees above the feet, which can cause dizziness or headaches. In a lying position, the whole body overheats evenly and the body does not have to overcome the pressure from equalizing the temperature differences. Change the position from a slight to a vertical position slowly to make the blood flow level and the blood does not fall into the lower limbs.


  1. Breathe in your nose

In the sauna try to breathe with your nose, but slowly and not very deeply. If your nose mucus burns, moisten your face with water and cover your nose with your hands.

Why:  When inhaling the nose, the inspired air is gently moistened and its temperature is reduced. Breathing in the mouth causes direct inhalation of hot air, and a temperature shock for the lungs.


  1. Relax quietly and quietly

Stay in a comfortable position and relax.

Why:  Sauna is a place of relaxation. Besides, as with breathing through the mouth, the air gets too hot in the lungs, you are interfering with your talking to other saunas.


  1. The length you see

The length of stay in a sauna depends on your feeling. If you are uncomfortable, you are bad breathing, you have the feeling of limbs or other difficulties, leave the sauna. At the beginning, shorter intervals are advisable to extend gradually, but not longer than 15 minutes.

Why:  In the sauna there is intense overheating, and so the physical condition as well as the stamina in the sauna is being built gradually. If you are uncomfortable in the sauna, you need to listen to body signals, do not jam and avoid possible risks.


  1. Come on

After exiting the sauna, cool down, either by a shower, a steamer or a visit to the cooling pool, before you always shower. Cooling begins with the legs gradually upward. It is advisable to wet your head or at least your back. If you are susceptible to cardiovascular disease, take a shower with mildly cold water and drop the cold pool.

Why: The  shower rinses sweat from the surface of the skin. Cold water cools the superheated organism, quenching the blood vessels, and thus the whole bloodstream, and the beneficial effects of saunas.


  1. Relax

After cooling, dry thoroughly and wrap in a dry sail, towel or bathrobe and breathe on the lounger for at least 15-20 minutes. In any case, do not stay in a wet sail or towel. Never leave your breath away.

Why:  After cooling down, you may experience a slight dizziness, a feeling of cold or sweating, which gradually disappear during rest and the body will go into normal. By omitting the body you exhaust excessively and increase the risk of overloading your body - collapse.


  1. Add fluids

Fruit juices, teas and minerals are most suitable. Small fruit snacks are also appropriate. Drinking alcohol does not negate the effects of the sauna and smokes after the sauna a few times more.

Why:  You can clean up to 0.5 liters of water in one saunas cycle, with salt, vitamin C and other minerals in addition to toxins. The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are heavily transfused after sauna and therefore the harmful substances from smoking enter the body more than in normal circumstances.


To maximize the effect of sauna, repeat the entire sauna cycle three times. Never forget your rest. It is recommended to reserve a sauna for at least 2 hours, but I recommend it all day. I do not mean to go to the sauna 10 times, but to extend the relaxation time just to relax. Take a warm bathrobe, a book or a magazine, and see that your body also takes a rest in the form of a little sleep. And believe us, after such relaxation, you will leave as a rebirth.